Aspiring Makeup Artist?

So, you want to get better at makeup? Just about anybody can become a makeup pro, but you need to be willing to practice over and over again to get things right. Sloppy eyeliner, smudged lipstick and off colour foundation just won’t do*.

Know Your Shades
Know the shades that suit your hair colour, skin tone, and eye colour. This way, you’ll always know what suits you and how to enhance your features. You can break the rules from time to time, but you need to know what shades go with what to create the most incredible looks. Not only do you need to know what looks great on you, but what looks great on others too. To establish yourself as a makeup pro, you need to be the go-to makeup guru for all kinds of questions.

Try Out Different Tools
Different tools will give you an idea of what you should be using for what, and what gives the best finis hand result. There are brushes, sponges, and all kinds of weird and wonderful things you can use to get an amazing result. Some people even use tape to wing their eyeliner!

Learn About Different Products
Learn about the different products available so you know the main differences and what is right for who. For instance, powder and gel brow product. If someone has extremely dry skin, you’d recommend they use the gel rather than the powder. There are powder and cream foundations, powder/cream blush....just about every makeup product has a powder/cream version. There are even gels sometimes too. It all depends on your skin type, preferences, and skill level.

Get Used to Using Products/Techniques
Get used to using the products you’ve learned about, and the different techniques. All pros have a variety of methods under their belts. For instance, applying loose powder to the face doesn’t just have to be dusted over with a big brush. You can use ‘the baking method’. Press it where you want it with a cotton pad, and then leave it for a few minutes. Make sure it’s fairly thick. Then you can begin to dust away excess with a large brush, and you’ll have a much better finish!

Aim to Improve Constantly
Never feel satisfied with where you are. Aim to improve constantly and you’ll always make progress. If you’re serious about progression, you could even look into make up courses to help you develop further.

Practice on Different People
Practicing on different people allows you to play with different skin types, colours, and face shapes. This way, you can really try out the different techniques and see how they work. You will even need to change certain techniques depending on eye shape. It all comes with practice, so you need to make sure you make time for it.

Pretty soon, you’re going to be an absolute pro in all things makeup and have the appointments flooding in.

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