5 Clever Ways to Go Shopping on a Budget

This time of year brings plenty of expenses our way. They’re not always that easy to manage either. If you also need to head out to buy some things for yourself, you can be in for a very expensive month. Still, there are plenty of ways you can shop smart, even through all the festivities. We’ve detailed five clever ways you can get what you need, without breaking your bank*

Set Your Budget - This is the first and most important step to take. Know what you can afford to pay and try your very best to stick to it. One of the best ways to tackle this challenge is to go through all your bank statements and receipts for the last few months. This will help you to identify what your essential spend is. Whatever is left over from your income is your budget.

What Do You Really Need? - Next you need to focus your sights on just the essentials. What do you really need to buy at the moment? This is the season when temptation can be just too much. There are so many gorgeous things for sale that can turn our heads. But you must keep your shopping expedition on track to hunt down just the things you need right now.

Bargain Basement - You might be able to put some of your purchasing off for another month or two. If you can’t, start your shopping at the sales counters. The closer it gets to Christmas, the tougher it may be to find a good bargain. But they’re out there. Some retailers are looking to shift stock to make room for all those Xmas novelty items. Get in there and grab a discount.

Finance - Some credit cards are offering 0% rates on transfers. This could save you some money. However, if your financial history means you’re not offered these deals, why not look to catalogues for bad credit history? Many catalogues sell everything you could possibly need from fashion to appliances. You could improve your wardrobe, and still find the gifts you need. Spread the cost with small monthly payments, but get everything you need for the winter delivered right now.

Shop Around - Providing you don't cost yourself a fortune in travel expenses, shopping around could save you money. The big e-tailers aren’t usually the cheapest anymore. If you know what you’re after, do a price comparison across the internet. Sometimes you’ll find purchasing from outside your home country could save a fortune. But beware the customs charges when it ships in! Catalogues can also offer pretty good prices, so include them in your search for good value.

This time of year is the most expensive for us all. But you can save money, spread the cost, or even put off some of that spending until it’s more affordable for you. Why not check if there are any online discount codes to help you find a good price? Sometimes if you phone up the store you’re interested in, they can be haggled down to a best market price. Of course, if you are shopping online, check the returns policy, especially for gifts. Happy shopping!

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