TIGI Catwalk Headshot Conditioner Review

Towards the end of last month I finished up my conditioner and realised I had no other tubs or bottles in my huge stash of beauty products. What better time to try out a new product? Especially a giant one at a reduced price on Hairtrade. It shares promises of transforming frizzy, dull hair into smooth, straight styles. It's infused with lychee and bamboo, honeysuckle and dragon fruit to add shine, softness and control fly-aways. It's aimed at chemically treated hair just like mine and is from a brand I love and trust so I was hoping for big things.

It's definitely a conditioner that offers some real TLC. Since the first use my hair feels stronger in the shower and while it's drying. My hair feels softer and less knotty when I pull the hair turban towel off my head. In fact, my Tangle Teezer barely has a task on it's hands!
As for the scent, I'm used to the sweet scents of TIGI products and this one is no different. This smells like a minty sweetie. I think they must have been inspired by Rock as it smells like the seaside treat. 

As a reconstructive hair product it's softening but also works towards mending split ends and reducing breakages. I've not noticed such huge results but I'm looking forward to my hair feeling more and more repaired, wash after wash.  

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