Packing For A Wedding Abroad

While wedding season in the UK is now over, destination weddings are still in full swing. If you have been lucky enough to get an invite to a wedding in another country, you are probably very excited. However, you may also be feeling a little stressed out about what to pack. As unlike when attending a regular wedding, you only have a limited amount of luggage space. I am normally happy to travel light, but when it comes to attending a big celebration, like a wedding, I tend to over pack. I really struggle to decide what outfit I want to wear, so I always take a couple with me.

Packing for a destination wedding is like packing for a holiday abroad. For any trip to another country, you need to pack the essentials and forget about the bits that you don’t need. Well, unless you want to be charged for having too much luggage, that is. To help you ensure that you pack everything that you will need, but don’t go over your luggage limit, I have put together a few handy tips:

Pack appropriately
The majority of weddings abroad are in hot countries, so packing your favourite pair of jeans is a big no-no. When you have limited suitcase space, you need to ensure that you only pack what you actually, need. For example, weddings in Oman, and other eastern countries are incredibly popular at the moment. These are beautiful places to get married. However, they are extremely hot locations. So make sure to pack clothing that will keep you nice and cool, including a sun hat.

Be strict with yourself
Before you go, decide on what you want to wear to the event - there’s no point taking multiple outfits with you. You might like the idea of being able to swap between two outfits, but it’s best just to choose one. Remember, additional luggage charges can be expensive. As for your other outfits, consider taking a capsule wardrobe with you. When it comes to travelling abroad, a capsule wardrobe is a great idea as you only need to pack a few different bits. The key to perfecting the look is accessories, so make them your priority.

Take advantage of your carry-on bag
Most airlines allow you to take a handbag and an extra bag onto a plane with you. Make sure to double check this before packing, but most airlines allow passengers to have a handbag and a small holdall as carry-on. (For each of your carry-on items, the maximum weight should be around 23 kg.) Once you have found out how much carry-on luggage you are allowed, make sure to take full advantage of it. Pack any clothing accessories and small items into one of your carry on bags, such as underwear, tights, and swimwear.

Check in your dress
Whatever you do, don’t leave your outfit for the event in your luggage, check it in and take it on the flight with you. If you are a bridesmaid, this is even more important. Luggage regularly gets lost in transit - don’t take the risk. Pop your outfit in a garment bag and store it in the overhead area above you seat, along with your other hand luggage. That way, even if your suitcase gets lost, you still have your outfit for the wedding.

Destination weddings can be a lot of fun, just make sure to be smart about packing, and you’ll have the best (and most affordable) time.

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