October Break

I'm on my holidays from work this week and next. It's been a buys old time so far and before the madness of the move and decorating takes over I thought I'd share some snaps.

1. Autumn outfit for a retail therapy day. The worst thing about going from shopping centres into town is being roasting hot inside then freezing outside. Thankfully my scarf kept me cosy and my waterproof mac wasn't too bulky inside. 

2. I was so excited to see Boot's Christmas gift range in store. The Soap and Glory stuff looks amazing this year. There will definitely be a few on my list.

3. I managed to resist buying anything from Top Shop beauty but how amazing does the nail polish stand look?

4. Whilst I'm trying to contain my excitement for getting our keys tomorrow I went into Laura Ashley a wee look. Everything is so gorgeous and the sale was quite tempting. 

5. Comparethemarket.com has been great for helping get house insurance, broadband and energy suppliers all sorted. I'm not too impressed that our internet doesn't get set up until the 27th of October but we'll be so busy painting we'll probably not notice.

6.Anyone else loving the Snapchat updates? The bunny rabbit one is definitely my favourite.

7. I've been saving my House of Fraser vouchers for a while and I finally used them. This time last year I would have been buying MAC products and Benefit sets but this year I spent them on an iron and Christmas decorations!

8. I couldn't resist a bag of Terry's Chocolate Orange minis as a wee pick me up this week. Instant Christmas feeling.

9. I've been trying out some Hairaisers clip in extensions (post coming soon) and I was taking a wee selfie to show them off. They're so long you can't even see the ends.

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