Home Happenings: We've Got The Keys!

It's finally the 16th of October and we've got the keys to our first house. Let's just say as the date approached it wasn't looking promising for us getting in on time but thankfully it's all worked out.
I've taken "before" pictures and with the amount of decorating I want to do it'll probably be weeks until the first few "after" pictures start appearing but I'm looking forward to seeing some of the transformations.
I've spent all morning moving boxes, putting away all the kitchen and bathroom things and now sanding down all the skirting boards and door facings. Goodbye pink wood! It's been an exciting, busy and stressful day but I'm already starting to feel at home.
I'm a superstitious old soul, and with it being bad luck to move house on a Friday or Saturday we won't actually be properly moved in (and staying) until Sunday at the earliest! That gives us time to continue packing, unpacking and decorating. Unfortunately our internet doesn't get installed until the 27th so I think I'll still be spending quite a lot of time in my parents house until then!

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