Hello October

The last few weeks have been busy and I'm so looking forward to the new month ahead. It's finally moving month - we've waited all year to buy a house and it's getting closer. It breaks my heart that my Granny isn't going to get the chance to see it but to see her excitement when we last spoke about all the plans is lovely to remember.

1. My brother and his girlfriend came up to visit, unfortunately it wasn't under happy circumstances. We went out for dinner while they were up and I had my favourite goats cheese. So delicious! No one else in my family like goats cheese, it's a love it or hate it I guess.

2. I'm back to being a student this year. I'm doing a postgraduate course in teaching dance and I think it's going to take a lot to get back into essay writing. It's only a part-time course that will be finished in February but the best bit is definitely the prospect of getting a student card again.

3. The perks of the course is staying in a hotel and getting a full breakfast made for me in the morning. I totally worked it off after 4 hours of dancing.

4. Why are Apple cables so inadequate!?

5. First selection box of the year. Taking a trip to B&M caused the little kid in me to come out.

6. I love my new Olaf slippers! Well done Primark, these are perfect.

7. Last week was hectic at work with parents' evenings on Wednesday and Thursday. After speaking for 3 hours straight I could have done with a glass of wine but I settled for a choc dip. 

8. I popped into New Look after my course and couldn't resist this blazer from New Look. It was in the sale for only £10 and even though the colours are very Spring/Summer it's good for work I'll probably wear it anyway.

9. Just when I was needing something to cheer me up I got a message saying I'd won a hamper in a raffle. It's a huge bundle of bakery goodies and it's going to be perfect for bribing people to help us in our new house. Yum yum.

What are you looking forward to in October?

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  1. Those slippers are so cute! x

    Christina Marie - xtinagsays.blogspot.co.uk