Blood Moon Madness*

Did you see all the pictures of the Blood Moon from Monday? I was so in awe of this sight. I think it’s really important to have the experience of seeing natural phenomena for yourself. But the chatter and images from social media certainly give you the next best thing. I was amazed by some of the pictures I saw. Many people described it as a once in a lifetime experience. So I thought I would take that idea and run with it.

A once in a lifetime event has to be the sort of thing you would put on your bucket list. It can’t be something that is ‘everyday’ or ‘run of the mill’. It needs to be something that you would describe as an experience. So why do so many people talk about experiencing a sunrise or sunset? Surely they happen every day? Of course, they do. But when do we stop to take the time to sit and stare at one of the most incredible sights this planet offers us?

I can honestly say that I only remember sitting and watching a sunset two or maybe three times in my life. Each event was incredible. You could see the colours changing and glowing. The lights in the town were coming on almost one at a time. You could hear the birds get more excited about the coming of dusk and nightfall. You could even smell the change in the air and feel the coldness as the sun went away. And no, a sunrise is not all that in reverse!

A sunrise for me was about that expectation of something big happening. You slowly start to realise that you can see more detail around you. And you can feel the world and the atmosphere start to charge and wake up. So why do we not sit and stare? I think I need to make it my life mission to find the best place for a sunrise and a sunset. And there are so many other natural phenomena I want to see.

The Northern Lights has fascinated me for ages. Being Scottish, I’ve had a chance to glimpse it from home and it's amazing. I’ve been reading about recent sightings of the Northern Lights in Finland and Norway. I’ve even thought about a cruise to the Norwegian Fjords in the hope of seeing the full thing in all its glory. After the Blood Moon experience, I’m keener than ever to see the Aurora Borealis too.

I’ve always been one to stare up at Meteor showers and wish upon a shooting star. In my quest for natural experiences I’ve discovered we’re due an incredible show on 14th December this year. I can’t wait. I just hope the sky is clear. I’ve met people who travel the world to experience solar eclipses. Would I travel to see what this world offers? Of course. Some of these experiences are only once in a generation, like the Blood Moon. What natural phenomena would you love to see and why?

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