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Wish, Want, Need: Valuelights

I'm like a broken record at the moment with all the house stuff. I feel like it's been so long since we first started looking at houses and now we're only 3 and a half weeks away from getting the keys. There's still loads to think about but typical me is looking at decor - that's really important though right? Our house comes with all of the light shades and fittings but unfortunately they're not to our taste so we've got a lot to change.

 Our living room and bedroom both have wall lights which I never thought of having before. I can be convinced to keep them if we have something as gorgeous as the decorative wall lights from Valuelights. I'm thinking my boyfriend might need a bit of convincing as they're a bit girly. Doesn't wall lights just make you think of hotel rooms though? The Blossom tree would be a nice decoration piece as well as light, I'm loving that there's a few colours to choose from. Mark has turned his nose up at every chandelier that I've looked at but I feel like I could compromise with a chandelier style spot light. Are spot lights still in fashion? Last one is the Moroccan style lamp shade. For this one there's no compromising. I'll be getting this whether he likes it or not. Perhaps it'll be a sparkly addition to my dressing room. 

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