TIGI Bed Head Maxxed-Out Review

£13.15 (RRP)

I'm so used to aerosol hairsprays that I've never really considered using a liquid hairspray like this massive hold one from TIGI. I only really use hairspray for an up-do or for proper going out curls so when I'm using it I want something that's going to hold my hair in place, no questions asked. When I got this in a goodie bag I thought I'd put it to the test. TIGI never normally disappoints.

Like most TIGI products it's got a gorgeous scent, the grapefruit stands out for me.  The packaging of this is really quite good. The nozzle makes it easy to cover a large area without having to go mad spraying loads. I've learnt from experience (and a dodgy crispy hair do) to hold this as far away as possible and not to over spray. When i'm using it on curls I always spray from a distance, flip my hair then run my fingers through it. That stops the stiff, crispy feeling. A little bit certainly goes a long way. My curls stay put without feeling glued in place.

It's always nice to be pleasantly surprised. I think I'll be branching out and trying a few more different products from TIGI.

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  1. I love pump hair spray I find you can get more control with these products than air-sol cans.