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Starting a Dream Bucket List

So many people think of things they want to do, but many of them haven’t even written a bucket list. By creating a dream bucket list, you can stay focused on the life you want to live. It isn’t just about working and dying, that’s for sure! Why not start a dream bucket list of your own*

Set Some Time Aside
So you don’t feel under pressure, set a little time aside to do this. Think of it as something you must do for yourself, like self development homework. It probably won’t take you that long. You will more than likely end up coming back to it at random points when you think of something new to add. Just get as much done as you can to start you off!

Make it Look Fun
You’ll feel far more inclined to pay attention to and look at your bucket if it looks nice. You can print it out to make it look more official if you like, or get a little arty and decorate it. I mean, you can scribble it on a notepad if you want, but it’ll look much better if you put effort into it.

Set a Goal
Most places suggest you aim for 100 things on your bucket list. To get to this many things, you’re going to need to stop thinking some things are impossible. You’re probably going to need to forget that you’d be terrified of some things to. A bungee jump for example. The mere thought of one of those strikes fear in my heart, but I would still add it to my list. Or maybe you could try a "30 before 30" style bucket list if 100 feels too much.

Think of Things You Want to Do
A bucket list contains lots of things. Start by thinking of the things you actually want to do. Do you want to meet your favourite celebrity? Write it down. Do you want to ride an elephant? Write it down.

Think of Things You Want to See
Now go on to things you want to see. For example, sites, phenomenons, wonders of the world...anything you can think of. Maybe you want to go and see turtles and dolphins as you scuba dive. I suppose scuba diving would be a ‘do’, but the turtles and dolphins would be a ‘see’.

Think of Places You Want to Go
Now list the places you want to go. Think of places in your own country, and places in other countries you’ve always wanted to go. Perhaps you just want to go to the south of France coast. Maybe you’d like to take longer than a week’s holiday to do them all. Maybe you want to go travelling! There are no limits when creating your dream bucket list. You never know what you might end up ticking off.

There's no better time than now, to start your bucket list!

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