Romantic Weekends Away in the UK*

Are you planning a couples weekend away? Need somewhere with lots of fun/romantic things to do to keep you occupied? There are so many places in the UK for couples to have a great time together.

Liverpool always has something exciting on for couples. If you are both fans of the Beatles, you should definitely go on the Magical Mystery Tour and to the Cavern Club afterwards. You’ll learn so much and really get a taste of their history and where they started. If that doesn’t interest you, there are plenty of places to explore at Liverpool One shopping centre, as well as theatres and museums. Why not see a comedian perform if you want a laugh? There’s always something fun on!

Manchester has one of the best shopping centres ever for couples who love shopping; the Trafford Centre. If you like a drink, there are lots of places to go for cocktails too. If you don’t want to shop and drink, you’ve got museums like the Museum of Science & Industry. If you’re football fans, you can even go and explore Old Trafford.

York is one of the most beautiful cities, so it’s perfect for couples. Here, you can enjoy things like the National Railway Museum, York Castle Museum, and even go on a Vampire tour. Don’t forget the York Maze and York Gardens either! You can have so much fun and make so many memories in this beautiful setting.

London is so diverse, there are probably hundreds of things you’d enjoy doing here as a couple! You can eat at luxurious restaurants, go shopping, explore museums, and so much more. You can have a different experience in London each time you go. There are so many reasons to see and enjoy London, so you should definitely add this to your list of places to visit!

Birmingham? You’re probably wondering why this place is on the list, but it’s a totally cool place for couples to visit. There’s a great selection of shops and places to eat. There’s a whole area dedicated to vintage shopping, so you can have a unique experience there. There are some amazing cocktail bars. Nice places to stay. You could definitely have a romantic weekend away here!

Bath is another absolutely beautiful place to visit for couples - everybody should travel here at least once. It’s one of the prettiest places in the UK! Here, you can explore by foot, spend time in a spa, and even the outdoor baths. It’s a place full of culture and history, so make sure you go along. You won’t believe how clean it is either!

These are some of the best cities in the UK for couples. However, I’m sure you’ll find any place you go a treat as long as you’re together. Book things in advance to avoid disappointment, and create an itinerary so you get everything done. Have fun!

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