Proactiv+ Redness Relief Serum Review

Proactiv+ is a skincare range designed for blemish prone skin and one I've put to the test before. I tried out the 3 Step System and was pleased with the results on my dry, sensitive skin so wanted to try out some more.The Redness Relief Serum sounded right up my street.

It's a soothing serum with botanical extracts to reduce redress that's packed below a stainless steel roller which is designed to depot swollen, irritated and blemished skin. Being really fair skinned I find my blemishes seem to glow red and sometimes look a lot worse than they are. I've tried so many different blemish treatments but this is one of the first I've found that's specifically tackling the redness and inflammation. 

I really like the metal roller, it's so soothing and cooling, it's such a nice feeling when you've got an angry blemish brewing. The only thing that concerns me about packaging like this it's a bit unhygienic and unsanitary. Not a good thing especially when you're applying it to blemishes. Proactiv+ recommend storing the serum in the fridge for maximum results. I gave it a go, although I wouldn't keep it in there on a long term basis, and it was a really refreshing, soothing feeling. 

I didn't see a huge difference which was disappointing when I noticed such a difference with the 3 step products. It's a nice product to use though so I'll definitely manage to use the whole tube up purely because of the way it feels. Maybe I'll start to see a difference in the redness when I least expect it. A bit pricey at £24 but you're paying for a brand too...

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