No More White Bits Review

I've been holding out from using fake tan for far too long hoping that my "natural glow" was still fully intact. Unfortunately I don't exactly tan well and my pink/golden colour seems to fade faster than the flight home so it was about time I got myself some colour again... the safe way. 

No More White Bits is a quirkily named instant self tan mousse that does exactly what it says on the tin.  As a tinted mousse it's easy to apply. I used a mitt to avoid staining my hands and it was easy to see any bits I'd missed to avoid the streaky look. It dried really quickly which is good when you're in a mad dash to get from the freezing cold room wrapped up in your dressing gown, pyjamas or clothes.

Though it's called an instant tan it doesn't actually show it's true colour until you shower it off. After you first apply it it can look a little bit dodgy but I've never been patchy or streaky after washing it off. As for the colour I was quite happy - it's not too intense or orange. It's quite a natural look and fades away quite evenly too.

I couldn't believe the price of this tan when I first seen it. This has got to be one of the most affordable tanning products out there. It's not the nicest packaging as far as design goes. You won't impress anyone by leaving it out on your dressing table but it's good fun, the pump does the job and I've had no issues with leakages or spillages.  Don't forget to give it a good shake before you use it though, just to help the mousse. 

My only word of warning - don't use it on your face. Like most instant tans it's not worth the dodgy dirty face look (and the spots you'll probably get afterwards!) 

Are you blessed with sun kissed skin that keeps a tan for weeks after your holidays? Or a bit of a milk bottle like me?

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