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Make An Impact

Having simple makeup can be nice. However, from time to time, it’s nice to make a big impact with your makeup looks. When it comes to a night out with the girls I add some of these extras in, sometimes more really is more...*

Contouring isn’t for everybody, but it can help you to enhance your best features. Some say it is changing the shape of the face, but if you do it right then you won’t even be able to tell it’s there. With contouring, you should make a special effort to blend as much as possible and get a really smooth look. You don’t want to use products that are far too dark for your skin! You can also have a subtle contour and a more dramatic contour, depending on the occasion.

Wearing a bold eyeshadow can be a brilliant way to make an impact with your makeup. However, you should research the colours that look best with your eye colour first. You can then go and buy the right makeup online to enhance your eye colour and really make them pop.
Fluttery Lashes
Fluttery lashes are a must for a special occasion, and they usually go really well with a bold eyeshadow colour as well! You can go for individuals, or if you’re confident, stick on some strip lashes to enhance your peepers. They can take a little practice but they are so worth it!

Bold Lips
Bold lips look amazing when you want to do something special with your makeup - just don’t do bold lips and overly bold eyes, or you’ll look too done up! For example, if you want a bright red lip, go for something quite plain and simple on your eyes. You don’t want a dark smoky eye and then the lips too - you’ll look OTT!

Bold Brows
I do love bold brows on some people, but you have to get them right! Far too many people are walking around with a really dark, blocky brow that just doesn’t look right on them. You want it to look as natural as possible while still enhancing your shape! I suggest investing in a good brush to apply your product and practicing with that. Once you have applied, you can brush through with an old mascara want to make it look even more natural.

Flawless Skin
Flawless skin always makes an impact, but a lot of work does need to go into it if you’re not already blessed. Make sure you apply a primer, a liquid foundation, concealer, and a powder that suits your skin type. You should also ensure that the colours match perfectly for the most flawless finish!

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