Home Happenings: Town House Table Lamp

Last week we bought a sideboard unit to put underneath our stairs in our new house. It's the perfect size and has loads of space to keep our stuff organised. It looks lovely but needed something on top to make it look more homely. I couldn't have stumbled upon this Dutch Town House lamp at a better time.

The cute Dutch Town House shape is trendy, minimalistic and has a really cosy feel. The warm glow through the windows and door make me think of a house all lit up during the winter.  The lamp is really good quality, the ceramic is sturdy and the white gloss finish looks lovely in any room. I can't believe it cost less than £15!
The only thing about this lamp is it doesn't take a bog standard bulb, you need an SES Candle bulb. Thankfully we found one in Tesco for about £3.50 but you can buy them from Valuelights too. If only I was a bit more prepared.

I love how huge Valuelights range of table lamps, ceiling lights and floor lamps is. Perhaps Skulls or Buddhas are a bit more up your street? Ever theme is covered. Next is to choose which chandelier would be best for my dressing room...


  1. this is so adorable, must look so cute sitting on a side! I need a slightly different lamp for my room!


    1. It's so homely and cosy. Check out Valuelights, I'm sure you'll find something perfect for your room Isabelle!


  2. This is so, so sweet! I wish I had a bigger room so that I could buy more home goodies like this! x

    Christina Marie - xtinagsays.blogspot.co.uk