Home Happenings: Offer Accepted Haul

In the middle of August we had our offer on a house accepted. Since then it's been all systems go sorting the mortgage and getting furniture. Starting a "bottom drawer", or basically gathering together house things since January is one of the best things I've done. We sorted through everything and we've ticked off so many things from our 'first home list'. Since then I've been buying a few extras including some big things like a sofa and fridge/freezer. 

It was my boyfriend's birthday in August and his main present was this vacuum cleaner. How nice a girlfriend am I!? Lets face it, when you buy a house 2 weeks before your birthday what do you expect? I read loads of reviews and this one seemed to be really good quality for the price. 

George Home at Asda
In my gathering process I bought the glitter soap dispenser and tumbler from Asda and I couldn't resist completing the set. Our bathroom is going to be pink and grey so these accessories are just perfect.

Shoe Cavases
These shoe canvases were in the sale down from £8 and I'm planning on putting them in our "dressing room". They're girly, small and very much my style. 

Not exactly an essential but my parents have used a rice cooker for the last 10 years or so and I've found it so much easier to cook rice with one. 

I wanted to carry on the grey and glitter theme in the bathroom and this bath mat is both, you can't get much better than that! It's a lovely soft mat and it's good quality for the price.

This was another birthday present for Mark, however this one was from my parents. I helped choose it just to make sure it would match the things in our kitchen. This seems like a  good quality kettle.

This toaster accompanied the kettle in his home themed birthday present. From experience we knew a 4 slice toaster would be much better than a 2 slice toaster and the own brand appliances are quite inexpensive. 

We've got 2 bathrooms in our new house and the upstairs one is all kitted out but I hadn't bought anything for the second one yet. I loved the little duck dispenser and my boyfriend convinced me to get the toilet brush to match. They're great fun and adds a little bit of character to the otherwise plain room.

Duvet Cover Set, Fitted Sheet and Pillowcases
Primark are having a home event just now so some of their bits and pieces are reduced. The duvet cover set was in my wishlist last month and I finally managed to find it in Primark. It made sense to get the grey sheet and pillowcases to match and they were a little bit cheaper than normal which is a bonus.

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