Home Happenings: 5 Weeks To Go

With 5 weeks to go until we get the keys to our new house we've been very busy with all things housey. I thought it would be nice to share some updates from our countdown, the time seems to be flying past and there's lots to think about.

Our documents have all been sent off and reviewed. We've answered the 101 (obvious) questions about our incomings and outgoings and now we've got a bit of a waiting game. We've gone with HSBC and it's been quite stress free except their phone calls in the middle of the work day. Unfortunately as a teacher you can't just answer the phone at any time. Other than that we've had a helpful adviser and are happy with the deals.

We've started looking at paint colours, wallpaper samples and carpets. We've almost chosen our living room carpet as it's the only one we really want to change straight away. I've fallen in love with some wallpaper from B&Q but unfortunately it's not been available to order online. Fingers crossed we'll get to a store soon and that will be our feature wall organised. 
We're going to have a lot of painting to do so I'd imagine we'll start buying some tins soon once we've figured out all the different colours that are needed. Any advice for covering up pink skirting boards and wall facings?! 
I've also been looking at tile stickers as there's decorative tiles in both the kitchen and bathroom that are horrible but don't warrant getting the whole set of tiles replaced. Has anyone use tile stickers before?

We've ordered our sofas from DFS in their Summer Sale. It's been quite a smooth process with both of us instantly loving the same couch and being able to get 0% finance on the corner sofa and cuddler sofa. It's a big purchase that we don't have to worry about during an otherwise expensive time. DFS chat was great too for getting a swatch which will come in handy for finalising our carpet and paint purchases.
I sold some bits and pieces on eBay and spent my earnings on a new dressing table and stool. My boyfriend thinks it looks like a princess dressing table - he's obviously never looked at Pinterest! It was quite satisfying feeling like I got the set for free. 
Next on our shopping list is living room furniture like a coffee table and tv unit.

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