Home Happenings: 3 Weeks to Go

Our mortgage has been accepted and completed. It's been all passed over to our solicitor and it's back to the waiting game. Thankfully we've got no fees to pay for our mortgage so it's just time to start thinking about the solicitors bills.

I've been on a mission to start clearing out. I've sold a few things on eBay, popped a few things to the charity shop and binned the mountain of products I was hoarding that only had a dribble left in them. With all this organisation I was able to pack up most of my beauty products for my dressing room. I've also made a start on packing up dresses and summer clothes that I definitely won't be needing over the next few weeks. 

Our feature wall wallpaper is ordered and ready to pick up from B&Q this weekend - that's one room almost 100% ready to go. We've been spending a lot of time on Pinterest this week trying to choose colour schemes and we've decided on both bathrooms which was made easy by all the accessories I've already bought. We've collected paint cards from Homebase but aren't sure on the exact shade we want. We might have to buy a few samples and try them out once we move in. 

With a disagreement on which coffee table and TV unit to get we finally came to agreement on a living room set from Very.co.uk. The Oscar Oak range wasn't too expensive, had a nest of tables which I knew would be essential for our living room and was the perfect size and height for our living room.
We were also looking for a unit to put in our hallway, under our stairs, and stumbled upon a Corona sideboard on Facebook. It was only £60 and is in really good condition. With some varnish and a bit of TLC it'll be as good as new. My friend also mentioned that she's got a wardrobe that they don't need so hopefully that will be a step in the right direction for our bedroom and dressing room.
We've also been looking at different internet packages to figure out which one is going to be best for us. With the amount of devices we use we're looking for one that's unlimited and fast. Though that being said that's definitely one for him to sort out.

Any moving house tips that you can share with me?

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