Hello September

We're only 2 weeks into September and I'm already having a fab, busy, sociable month. I've definitely been making the most of my weekends.

1. We went out for dinner to catch up with friends that we've not seen in ages. It was a lovely night, great food and a few drinks consumed. We tried out a new restaurant and I loved my calamari starter.

2. I've been trying so hard to stay away from the unhealthy aisles in Tesco but it's so difficult. Spotting this giant Bourbon biscuit, it was hard to resist!

3. The swatches for our sofa and cushions arrived from DFS and I've been showing anyone who'll listen. I'm so excited to start planning other rooms next.

4. My Friday night snacking consisted of Galaxy Salted Caramel and milk in my oh so Pinterest milk bottle from Home Bargains. Rock and Roll!

5. I had a lovely lunch catching up with one of my teacher friends at a local tearoom. We spent 2 hours putting the world to right and venting to each other. I had an amazing salmon and cream cheese sandwich.

6.I couldn't resist a Chocolate Orange Brownie with ice cream to finish it. It was delicious.

7. One of my best friends turned 24 on Friday so we celebrated on Saturday night with punch, cheesie tunes and some drinking games. 

8. One of many attempts of taking a selfie with her puppy. She's very lively and excitable. 

9. I spent yesterday using our new Amazon Fire TV - which by the way is amazing - whilst doing planning and work for school. If you've got an Amazon Fire TV you have to check out Kodi.

I'm looking forward to a busy week at work and having a super chilled out weekend next week whilst Mark disappears off to Aberdeen with his friends. 

How's your September been so far? Any exciting plans coming up?

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