Cheap Fashion: Rosegal

When it comes to cheap fashion you can't really beat online Chinese fashion retailers like I received 2 dresses recently that cost less than £15 delivered from the other side of the world. Quite an impressive price tag and surprisingly didn't take long to arrive at all.

Unfortunately I've not been able to wear this yet as I need to buy a slip. I wasn't quite expecting a totally see through dress but at less than £8 I should have had my suspicions . Fingers crossed with thick tights, a slip underneath, boots and a belt around the waist this will be a good dress for work in the winter. 

This dress looks completely different online so I was a little bit disappointed when it arrived. I didn't like the material that the top was made out of but the floral skirt is quite nice. Again it's quite see-through so I'm not sure how I'm going to make this one work. Maybe a bit of DIY work needs to be done to make it suit me best.

Both dresses are "one size" and both dresses are completely different. They fit me but the  first one drowns me at the waist and the second barely covers the tops of my thighs. That's the only problem when it comes to one size fits all. A lot of the dresses and clothing items that have specific sizes are a bit more expensive but probably worth it for when it comes to having a good fit.

Have you ordered from Rosegal or any similar Chinese based fashion stores?

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