What's in my Bag: Holiday Hand Luggage

Before I headed to Torremolinos in the South of Spain I snapped a few pictures of what I had inside my hand luggage, but I didn't have time to write the post before heading on my 5 hour journey to the airport (snore). I thought I'd share my in-flight/airport essentials for anyone who might be heading off on holiday because I think I got my essentials just right. My bag wasn't overflowing and I used everything inside.

Being on a plane for any length of time can be really boring so having something to keep you occupied is a must. I always download a few films or TV programmes to help pass the time. On my flight to Spain I watched The DUFF and a few episodes of Young & Hungry. On the way back I listened to some music and played a few games like Solitaire. Easily amused.

Though I don't use my phone much when I'm on holiday it's an essential for in the airport before hand, and good for a few selfies. My currency converter app came in really handy in Malaga airport on the way back too.

Having my sunglasses close to hand is essential for touching down in the gorgeous sunshine.  These Michael Kors glasses are really light and comfortable.  

Michael Kors Purse
An obvious one if you've got plans to head to Duty Free. Sometimes it's easy to forget about the money you'll need for an airport snack, drink or purchase when you're excited about the place you're heading to and the currency used there.

Clear 'Liquids' Bag
I'm always prepared with my clear plastic bag before I get to the airport to avoid any stresses and delays. I don't carry much, just the essentials for freshening up - Margarita Hand Sanitiser, Nivea Lip Balm, Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation and Eyedrops.

These were a lifesaver on my flights to New York and Las Vegas last year for the inflight entertainment. These headphones block out all the sounds of the plane (like the blasting air conditioning and screaming children) leaving you to watch or listen in piece. With a shorter flight there's no inflight entertainment but these are a must have to go with my iPad. It's a shame that they're so bulky but it's worth it.

Fluffy socks
With flip flops as my travel shoes of choice I didn't want to have cold feet on the plane with their air conditioning blasting. 

I turn into a complete bookworm on a holiday. Reading seems to pass the time well, whether it's a delay on the runway, a long haul flight or lying next to the pool. Getting stuck into a good book before reaching your destination is a good way to keep your occupied when they people you're travelling with are snoring their heads off.

Notebook and pen
I'm a list person so a notebook and pen is handy to keep me organised. It's good to have for blog planning, a game of hangman or random doodling.

Keeping all my travel documents, money and passport together helps make the journey stress free and this travel wallet is amazing for that. No need to worry about where my passport is on the walk up to customs.

Phone charger
A 'just in case' addition to my hand luggage. If you're using your phone a lot for photos, or updating social media your battery can die quite quickly. Sometimes you can find somewhere to pop your phone on charge in the airport so it's good to have a charger with you. 

Have you been anywhere on holiday this year? What are your in-flight travel essentials?

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