Unwanted Body Hair? Ex-hair Gentle Roll-On Hair Remover Review

How many of you use an online pharmacy website for "embarrassing problems?" Whether it's stretch marks, sexual health or head lice there's somethings that people just don't feel comfortable buying in a shop, especially if you live in a small town. Tower Health is a natural health and pharmacy website that's available for just that. A company that's been around since 1999 they've got the health sector covered with high quality, affordable products. They contacted me and gave me the chance to try out a product from their range. I thought about trying travel sickness tablets as that's something that I suffer from or maybe something to do with eye care since trying contact lenses. I decided to go for a beauty product in an area that some people might find a bit embarrassing to talk about... hair removal.

For me it's not an embarrassing subject, it's one I've talked about on my blog before but for some it can be a bit of a taboo subject. I'd have loved to be able to try out the Rio Laser Hair Removal System but it's not quite in budget for most people. I went for something that's quite practical - a roll on hair removal cream. It's described as a painless way to dissolve hair at the roots preventing growth for up to 8 weeks. 

It's a gentle product but it's always safest to do a patch test. After 24 hours and no side effects I put it to the test. I used it under my arms but it's suitable for both men and women on the arms, legs, face, bikini line or chest. I was quite worried about leaving it on too long and burning my skin but it turned out that I removed it far too soon and there was barely a hair removed. I was pretty disappointed but gave it another go. The second time round I made sure I had plenty of product on and left it to do it's thing. It was more successful second time round.

As soon as I started using it the smell was really strong. It smells exactly like other hair removal creams, it's basically Nair in a rollerball - almost like a deodorant. Like other hair removal creams the smell doesn't hang around once you've washed it off... unless you start sweating. The day I used it I went out for a run. When I got back the hair removal cream smell was quite noticeable. Does that just act as an excuse not to exercise?

If you can put up with the smell, have a little bit more time than usual and can't be bothered with the razor then you might want to give this a go. With 100ml it's going to last ages!

Is hair removal an embarrassing subject for you?

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