Tangle Teezer Blow-Styling Hairbrush Review

Since I got my original Tangle Teezer back in 2010 I've barely touched any other brushes. It's amazing for brushing out the knots in my hair. I use it in wet hair, dry hair and though it says not to I use it when I'm blowdrying and straightening my hair (thankfully it's never melted into my hair - it was a risk I was willing to take). The only problem with the original Tangle Teezer is it, and your hand, can get a bit hot when you're blowdrying simply because there's no handle to hold one. I battled on through until I discovered the Tangle Teezer Blow-Styling Paddle Brushes. Sorted!

Tangle Teezers are quite pricey in general, but I have to say my original 3 have been worth every penny. These blow-styling brushes are a little bit more expensive but it's well worth looking around because Hairtrade.com has them with quite a few pounds knocked off the price tag. The price tag certainly doesn't matter when it comes to the results...

The design of the new Blow-Styling brushes are completely different to the originals and without stating the obvious the newly added handle is the biggest difference. That's what makes this much more suitable for using with a hairdryer or straightener but it doesn't stop there. The teeth, or bristles, of the brush have been changed and adapted. They're super-special teeth which help to extract water from the hair shaft which results in quicker drying time. They also help to de-frizz your hair leaving you with a smoother, more voluminous and shiny do.

The change in teeth has meant it's not quite as pain-free as the original Tangle Teezer. In fact I tend to se my original Tangle Teezer when I first get out the shower to get rid of any knots then let the Blow-Styling Brush work it's magic. The first few times I had to be very careful, as the teeth are a lot sturdier and the brush is heavier and I found myself being hit in the head a bit from brush/teeth. 

As for the 'super-special powers' I was really impressed. My hair is definitely smoother after using this brush. My hair looks less frizzy and really quite straight. I reckon I could get away with leaving the straighteners behind. As for reducing the drying time, it's not a huge amount but every minute helps. This brush has been fantastic for getting the middle layer  of hair at the back of my head dry - the bit that always seems to get missed out.

So if you couldn't put down your Tangle Teezer, even if it meant oastie toastie finger tips, I'd highly recommend the Blow-Styling Hairbrushes. It's amazing what a good hair brush can do!

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