Primark Haul: August 2015

I researched, I made my wishlist and I headed off to Primark for a bit of solo shopping. Is it just me that likes to walk around and around and around when I go into Primark? I seem to take forever. Unfortunately my Primark isn't the biggest or most up to date so a lot of the things I'd seen on the website or in Youtube videos hadn't actually made it to the shelves of my Primark but I'm quite happy with my purchases. 

I've worn my nude pumps 50% of the time this summer so they're starting to get a bit worn, scuffed and a few holes are developing. These pumps will happily replace them (if I can bring myself to through the old pair out.)

My Primark had a bit of a festival theme going on and this skirt was right in the centre. I was expecting it to be a lot more than £6 and I'm actually hoping it's going to be something I can wear to work. Thankfully the 2 slits don't go too high, but they make it easier to walk in.

A basic, a staple, a must have when you've not been in Primark in ages. It's quite nice to have slightly lighter tights for the last few weeks of summer.

50p down from £2
Who actually needs ice cream specific bowls? Apparently we do. These are a bit of fun that'll be good for BBQs or dinner parties. I'm sure my boyfriend will be happy using these for an excuse to have pudding.

Thinking about workwear, blouse style tops are practical, look good and are convenient for throwing on when you're in a rush. I'll definitely be wearing this with some printed trousers and a statement necklace many times over.

£3 down from £5
I'm always wearing pumps to work so it's good to be able to replace an old tatty pair with a nice clean, pretty lacey pair for only a few pounds.

I mentioned in my wishlist that I wanted to get another sports bra and though my Primark didn't have a good selection of styles or designs I was quite happy with this blue one. I've got  the grey version of this and it's really comfortable and actually quite flattering.

Another wishlist want was a lightweight waterproof parka so I was delighted when my Primark were still in Festival mode. They had quite a few to choose from and I thought a plain one would be most practical rather than buying one of the pretty patterned ones. I've actually already worn it. It folds up well to fit inside a handbag and looks good thrown on top of any outfit.

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