One Year Wiser: The Colouring Book


I'm not sure who decided that adults shouldn't spend their spare time colouring like a child but if you've ever sneaked a shot you'll know how relaxing it is. As a primary teacher I'm quite partial to joining in with the pupils but thankfully adult colouring books have become really popular this last year.  One of the latest releases from SelfMadeHero has taken the relaxation one step further giving you the chance to keep calm and colour in a weekly meditation.

One Year Wiser is split up into 52 pictures based on the words of inspirational thinkers from Gandhi to Roosevelt. The pictures are intricate and detailed giving you the perfect opportunity to get your creative juices flowing while you unwind. Created by Mike Medaglia, a Huffington post blogger and Zen Buddhist practitioner, I think One Year Wiser would be the perfect gift for any stress heads who need time to explore their mind, body and spirit... or maybe even a big kid who hasn't quite gotten over primary school art. 

I love my One Year Wiser Book but I don't think I'm going to manage to limit myself to one a week. I might just become a relaxed, wise artist a lot quicker! 

Have you tried any adult colouring books?
Are you a felt tip pen or coloured pencil type of artist?

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