Holiday Haul - Victoria's Secret, MAC & Souvenir

I couldn't go on holiday without making a few purchases, especially in Duty-Free. Finding out Malaga airport had a Victoria's Secret was honestly more exciting to me than it should have been. I also made a few obligatory tourist purchases...

€39.50 down from €79 
Perfect timing to be visiting a Victoria's Secret - their Semi-Annual Sale was in full swing. The store in Malaga airport was mostly their beauty products, with a small range of underwear and bags. This vanity case caught my eye before I even got inside the shop. The glittery box was gorgeous, I think I'd have considered buying it even if it was empty. Inside is a 50ml bottle of Bombshell along with a 7ml bottle and a body lotion. The scent is one of my favourites and considering it normally costs around €48 I got myself a bargain with this set.

Pro Longwear Concealer - £14.10
Face and Body Foundation - €25.95
MAC is one of the brands I love to buy in Duty Free simply so I don't have to spend so much money! Face and Body is a foundation I've wanted to try for a while as it doesn't contain SPF which means no white flashback in photos. Pro Longwear concealer is a high coverage concealer that has good reviews for under eye darkness and blemishes. I bought this in Edinburgh on my way out but wish I'd waited because it was slightly cheaper in Malaga - Sod's Law!

 Cashmere Stylo Lipstick  and Waterproof Lipliner £9.10
Shopping in Gibraltar was just like shopping in Britain with Marks and Spencers, Top Shop and F and F filling the high street. We had a couple of hours to browse around the shops and I was intrigued by a makeup shop called Flormar. It had a big range of products and the sales assistants were really helpful. I was a bit like a kid in a candy shop but soon chose a nude lipstick and lipliner to match. I can't remember how much each one was but they came to £9.10 together so they weren't expensive.

€20 at the Market
On our last day we took a trip to the market which was packed full of different stalls. I spotted someone trying out a Bose (esque) bluetooth speaker and it sounded fab. After getting my Dad one for his birthday last year I thought it was about time I got one for myself. All ready to haggle the man was having none of it and I refused to pay more than €20. It wasn't long before I found another stall with the exact same thing and she was happy to do a deal. It's a fantastic speaker and though it's not quite a Bose speaker I couldn't go wrong with one that's over £100 cheaper.

 €3 each
Nothing like a fridge magnet and keyring for a tatty touristy souvenir. The monkeys were one of my favourite things about visiting Gibraltar so it was quite easy to choose. I love the "See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" monkeys that dangle from my keyring.

Magnet €1.20
Flower Clip €3
Another fridge magnet, this time from Torremolinos, where we were staying. Without realising I bought the exact same one as my parents! I think it covered all the attractions of the area. Another little souvenir that I bought just 20minutes before we left for the airport was this cute flower hair clip. It's bright, girly and makes a plain ponytail look a bit more exciting.

What do you always buy when you go on holiday? 

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