Fitness Friday: Foodie Friday

I've been quiet on the Fitness Friday front lately. It's been hard keeping on track with being on holiday but I finally feel like I'm back in a routine. I've enjoyed trying out healthier snacks as that's definitely where I go wrong if I'm not prepared.  I'm keen to look into macros but at the moment I'm sticking to calories using the MyFitnessPal app. If you've got any tips or recommendations of places to look to learn about macros please feel free to share.

Oats So Simple Golden Syrup Porridge with Alpro Unsweetened Almond Milk and 1 chopped Banana. 

Morning Snack
Green tea with lemon and grapes
70 calories

New York Bakery Co Plain Bagel with Philadelphia Extra Light and a Glass of Water
265 calories

Afternoon Snack
Alpen Light Chocolate and Fudge Cereal Bar
70 calories

Old el Paso Smoky BBQ fajitas with cheddar cheese and salad
about 600 calories

What's your favourite quick and tasty dinner?
I love fajitas but unfortunately I can't resist a bit of cheese on them too.

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