Finding Your Personal Style

Once you’ve found your personal style, you’re sorted for life. You’ll never have trouble shopping because you’ll know exactly what you’re looking for. You’ll never need to um and ah over a piece of clothing ever again! Your style will get you instantly recognised. People will be able to spot things you’d wear a mile off. Want to find your own personal style? Try some of these tips...*

Know What Suits You
Although you want to wear clothes that reflect your personality, you also need to know what suits you. Knowing what suits you is the key to always looking amazing! Make sure you know the shapes and colours you look best in, and make a note of the shapes and colours that don’t suit you at all.

Customise Things Yourself
If you customise things yourself, then you know it’s going to fit in with your own personal style. You can add sew on crystals, badges, studs...anything you feel will enhance the item and show off what you’re all about.  

Pick a Signature Style or Colour
Once you know what suits you, you can think about selecting a signature style or colour. This is something you can rock often and people will begin to associate it with you. For example, maybe you love bardot style tops, or the colour purple. Make it yours! Brand yourself by wearing these things.

Create a Pinterest Board of Inspiration
I love to make Pinterest boards full of style inspiration. They help me when I go shopping; I know exactly what I’m looking for this way! Pick some of your favourite fashionistas and pin some of your favourite outfits of theirs, and then decide what the running theme is.

Describe Yourself/Style in 3 Words
How would you describe yourself? How would you describe your style? Think of around 3-5 words to describe it, and then look for clothes that fit this description when you go shopping. If you need help, ask a friend or family member to describe it for you. If the clothes don’t fit this description, then you probably shouldn’t buy them.

Get Rid of Everything You Don’t Wear and Work Out Why
Take a look in your wardrobe and analyse it carefully. Why didn’t some things work? Why? Perhaps you picked something you liked but it didn’t suit you. Maybe you went for something outside of your usual style because you spotted it on somebody else but hated it on yourself. Be honest and then you can avoid things like this happening in future. Maybe even try to come up with words your style definitely isn’t, and avoid clothes that fit that bill when you go shopping later on down the line.  

When you put these tips to the test, you’ll see how easy it is to find your own personal style. Once you’ve found it, you’ll find shopping so much easier and more enjoyable. Let me know how you found them and what you’d describe your style as!

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