Did They Last 3 Weeks? - Eyelash Extensions Review

Back in July I shared my experience of getting eyelash extensions, showing the transformation of my eyes and explaining the process. I had them done just before I was going on holiday and didn't know how they'd hold up through a week of sunbathing, swimming and the waterpark. Over 3 weeks have passed since my appointment at the salon so it's time for a review.

 The day the eyelashes were applied

 A week and a half later (post holiday)

3 weeks on

I just want to start by saying I absolutely loved having my eyelash extensions. They were so effortless and looked fab.  I was able to put my contact lenses in and out without any hassle. I got so many compliments and questions about them and I didn't have to worry about mascara or eyeliner for 3 weeks. As a blondey that's such a relief. You hear quite a lot of horror stories of people losing lots of their own lashes when these ones come out but I didn't have any problem with that at all. They even managed to fall out quite evenly so by week 3 when my 60 lashes were depleted they didn't look too bad at all. I found the best way to look after them was to brush them out gently with an eyelash wand, this helps them curl upwards and move any back into place.

The only thing that bugged me about the lashes was not being able to rub my eyes. You know when you get water in your face (like in the shower or the swimming pool) or when you're really tired and you want to give your eyes a good rub? You can't do that with eyelash extensions without risking losing every fake lash and your own. That's not too big a complaint really!

So how did they fare in the heat of Spain and the waves of Aqualand Waterpark?

These close ups were taken just after my holiday and the day before going to my friend's wedding. You can see when my eyes are closed that some of the lashes have moved away from my eyelid and that a few have started to droop a little bit. Not bad after what I'd put them through! During my first dip in the pool I was too scared to go underwater out of fear that my lashes would all fall off. I shouldn't have worried though. Only a couple of lashes fell out during my multiple trips to the pool - I went in 5 days out of 7!

The big test was the waterpark. I was busy trying to avoid too much water in my face on the rapids, that is until we went on the Crazy Race. My competitiveness took over and in attempt to win the race I was faced with a whole lot of splashing followed by a huge dunk in the pool. After getting over the shock I was quick to touch my lashes to make sure they were all there. Disaster averted! My trick to leaving the park with (almost) every eyelash in tact and facing the right direction was to push my lashes, similar to what the eyelash wand does, after every ride. Again the only annoying thing was to not be able to rub my eyes but it was worth it!

So what do you think? Eyelash extensions worth getting?

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