Clearing Out & Cutting Down - Time for a Spending Ban?

Right now I'm thinking about buying a house, saving money and storage space. My boyfriend and parents know only too well how much stuff I've got and makeup is just the start of it. I've got a whole dressing table packed full of beauty products and I felt like it was time I started clearing out and cutting down ready for (hopefully) moving.

I'm definitely much better than I used to be when it comes to spending money on makeup and beauty products. I suppose it was all part of having a blog and being part of the blogosphere. When a new product came out and it was hyped up over social media it was hard to resist.  I don't jump on the bandwagon and feel like I need something new but I'm still not as strict as I probably need to be. It's time for a spending ban...

Rather than being on a complete spending ban when it comes to beauty products I think a 1 out 1 in system would be a bit more practical. Rather than buying a new foundation because I fancy trying something new I want to be able to only buy one when my current one is empty. That way I won't have hoards of makeup that gets neglected.

While clearing out my makeup I noticed how many products I kept that were almost finished but obviously got pushed to the side when something new or different was bought. I was also surprised by how many products I'd kept that were the wrong colour for me. Face powders that make me orange are never going to work so it's about time I pass them onto someone that will actually use them. Lastly I was hit by how many products I'd had for years and years. It's easy to forget that makeup products don't last forever. Below is a guide to the lifespan of different products and for once I've actually taken notice. I have to admit I've not stuck to it completely but I was a bit more aware of the products that have changed in colour, scent or consistency with old age. It's about time they head for the bin.

Foundation and concealer: 12 months
Bronzer and blusher: 2 years 
Lipstick: 12 months
Eyeliner: 12 months
Mascara and liquid eyeliner: 3 months 
Eyeshadow: 2 years

Do you stick to makeup product "best before dates"?
Any hints or tips for a spending ban or 1 in 1 out system?

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