Bouffe Dry Spray Review

The bouffant hairstyle was allegedly created for Marie Antoinette by her hairdresser in 18th century France. The teenage queen had relatively thin hair and wanted thicker looking locks. BOUFFE is a revolutionary product which boosts roots and maximises volume. It contains a bespoke silica formula which weightlessly holds and texturises the hair. When you want to revive your style simply scrunch hair with fingers and once again you're Bouffe'd! Available in a variety of non-permanent shades, to help cover re-growth and ghosting on coloured hair. Product washes out with shampoo.

This product caught my eye, not for the root boosting properties but more for the fact it covers up re-growth. With bleach blonde hair I obviously went for the light blonde version but with dark blonde, light brown, dark brown, silver and black colours also available they've almost got all bases covered. And for those that don't fit in that category, there's a colourless version available too.

The first time I used it I held it too close to my head and started rubbing it in far too quickly. I was left with orange/yellow fingers and no volume or cover up at all. You have to hold this 15cm away from your head and spray it in sections. You then have to leave it for up to 2 minutes to dry before working it in with your fingers. The second time round I was a bit more successful but not 100% happy.

You can't see my roots in this picture, but with a week to go until my next appointment I'd rather you didn't see them! Unfortunately Bouffe light blonde isn't going to be my saviour in this situation. It was far too yellowy and dark, dry shampoo does a better job of covering up my regrowth. My hair doesn't look hugely voluminous either. It's got a bit more life than a typical 2nd day look but it wasn't "weightless texture"... 

My hair felt sticky and dirty all day, it didn't feel revived nor did my re-growth look disguised.  My hair might have looked a bit more voluminous but I just don't think it worked well for my hair. Maybe it's a bit more suited for darker hair or covering up greys.

Is bigger thicker hair something you're always trying to achieve?
Have you got any regrowth camouflage tips for those last few days before an appointment?

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