Bloom & Wild Review

Back in June it was my Mum's birthday and one of her favourite things to receive is a bunch of flowers. I'd normally head to the florist and order a bouquet making sure to include her favourites but this year I wanted to go that one step further and Bloom and Wild was perfect for that. 

Initially I heard about it on Youtube and then on twitter. Bloom and Wild is a company online (through their website or apps) where you can buy a one-off bouquet or a monthly subscription for a floral gift that keeps giving. I chose a 3 month subscription selecting a bouquet that included lilies. The subscription started with the Sofia which was absolutely gorgeous and then changed each time. Delivery was included in the price which is really good considering you're signing up for more than one delivery and it really does come on the day you choose. Unfortunately you can't get it delivered on a Monday but that's all down to them ensuring you get the very best flowers possible.  

Every single bouquet survived the journey and arrived perfectly packaged. The box is meant to be designed to fit through the letter box but unfortunately it was too big for ours. We were really lucky to have a good postie who made sure it got delivered somewhere safe, whether it was to a work address or to a neighbour. I wouldn't have liked this special package to be sitting in the post office until someone was free to pick it up. 

Inside the box the flowers are arranged carefully with netting to keep them all safe and ready to arrange. Both my Mum and I really liked the added touches including the bow, the name card and the arrangement ideas. Quite good for a flower arranging novice like myself. 
All of the flowers were  fresh and in perfect condition. Bloom and Wild pride themselves in having carefully selected growers and being able to dispatch the flowers within hours of receiving them. 

My Mum was absolutely delighted with her present and told anybody who would listen! She's loved knowing that she'll have a beautiful bunch of flowers to brighten up the house almost constantly for 3 months. Every bunch has been big and full - definitely florist quality. All 3 bunches lasted for around 3 weeks. My mum made sure to look after them carefully, removing any dead ones. Some even lasted month to month. You can't complain with that!

I'd highly recommend buying a Bloom and Wild subscription for anyone who loves flowers. It would make the nicest birthday, Mother's Day, house warming or Get Well Soon present. I felt like my money went further than it would with a bunch of flowers from the florist and my Mum loved it. 

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  1. These flowers look gorgeous! I love the fact that they arrive at your doorstep :)

    Sarah |