Being a Top Girlfriend*

Being in a relationship is about supporting each other. On Facebook, you see a lot of posts about "how to make her happy". They all have lists of romantic things to do for your girlfriend or wife. But in reality, everyone deserves to be treated nicely, regardless of their gender. Both men and women should be spoiled every once in a while, if only to keep things interesting! Some people struggle to think of things they can do for their significant other. But you don't have to be incredibly creative. It's the little things that can make all the difference. If you want to spoil your other half, try treating them to one of the surprises below.

Surprise Them with Dinner
Everyone loves food, and it's even better when someone else cooks it. If your partner usually does most of the cooking, they will enjoy a surprise dinner when they get home. Even if you're the main cook in the house, a home-cooked meal when they're not expecting it is always welcome. Even better, do the dishes after too! If you're not much of a cook, a takeaway after a long day can just as good. And, of course, going out for dinner is often better than staying in. You don't need an occasion to have a meal out, and it doesn't need to be anywhere too fancy. Go just because you can, and enjoy trying out somewhere new.

Do a Chore That's Normally Theirs
Hopefully, you split the jobs you have to do around the house between you. Maybe one of you takes care of the cooking and does the DIY while the other cleans and walks the dog. However you divide up the housework, we can all get fed up of our usual chores. It's an excellent idea to surprise your partner by doing a job that they usually have to do. Or if it's something you're not very good at, like DIY, pay someone else to do it. They'll be relieved that there's one less thing for them to do around the house. And if you're lucky, they might even return the favour.

Get Them a Gift for no Reason
We often get into the habit of buying presents for birthdays and other special occasions. But we don't do it much just because we feel like it. Next time you're shopping, get your significant other something you think they'll like. It doesn't have to be anything huge or expensive, just something they would appreciate. Use your imagination too, to get something a bit more personal than flowers or chocolates. Not that those aren't good gifts, but they can lose their charm after a while. It could be anything from a £1 knick-knack that made you think of them to something they've been after.
Treat Them to a Day Out (With You)
Even if you spend time with each other every day, sometimes you need to get away together. Lounging around in the house or going to your usual pub can get boring, even if you're enjoying each other's company. So plan a day out that you can enjoy, instead of staying stuck in the same routine. It's obviously best if you do something you'll both like so that you can have fun too. But if there's something they've always wanted to do with you, you could have a go even if you feel unsure about it.

Treat Them to a Day Out (Without You)
Another option for some time out of the house is to send them off on their own. If there's something they would love to do that you're not keen on, you could pay but stay at home. There's no point making both of you miserable because you aren't enjoying the day. If you're looking for gifts for him, there's lots of fun and unique experiences that will give him the chance of a lifetime. You can get days out where you can drive a formula one car, fly a plane or a complete an adventure course. Or if your partner's a bit more of a homebody, they could take a cooking course or play a round of golf instead.

Give Them the House to Themselves
Everyone needs some time alone sometimes. Even if you love spending time with each other at every opportunity, you don't have to be together all the time. If you let your other half have the house for the day, you get some time to yourself too. Leave them to sleep in, lounge around or have some friends over. You can escape and pamper yourself for the day. Go to the pub, go shopping or spend some time with your own friends. It's healthy to have a break from each other sometimes and for both of you to do your own thing for the day.

Offer Them a Massage
Being an adult is tiring. You have to spend all day on your feet or hunched over a desk, and you're exhausted by the time you get home. It's enough to make anyone tense, so offering your significant other a massage could be the way to go. Give them a backrub or massage their feet to help them feel better after a long day. If you don't trust yourself to be good at it, use an electric or manual massaging tool instead.

Give Them Their Own Way
If you've been having a disagreement about something, let them get their own way. Just this once, of course! Make sure it's not anything that's a big deal and that you're not always the one to give in. Compromising is usually the best way to go, but sometimes it's nice to say, "let's do it your way." Maybe you can't decide where to go out for dinner, and it's easy to let them choose. You never know if they might have been right all along, and they'll make the best decision for both of you.

Spoiling your partner shouldn't be a great effort. If you love them, making kind gestures towards them should be easy and enjoyable.

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