Anatomicals Head Shock Shampoo Review

“You know how you scream at The Shining or when you open your credit card statement or when you step on the bathroom scales or when you catch your finger in the door or when you catch your partner doing something they shouldn’t be doing with someone they shouldn’t be doing it with? That’s nothing compared to how your head will scream when you apply this shampoo. But be in no doubt. The shock will be worth it as your scalp tingles, resulting in a bonce that’s alive, lusterous and shining. As Jack (never) said: here’s anatomicals.”
Are you ready for the shock!?

The thing I love about Anatomicals is their bright, fun packaging. They've got it spot on with this Head Shock Shampoo. The description on the back is quirky and funny... but detailed enough to make you rethink whether you're brave enough to use it. It smells so fresh and minty, you notice it as soon as you open it up. 

It didn't take long for this to kick in when I started using it. It made my scalp tingle and it felt cold and fresh. It would definitely wake you up in the morning. The cool feeling soon disappears when you rinse it off and I couldn't believe how clean my hair felt afterwards. I think I've found myself a new deep clean shampoo for getting rid of any product build up. The one thing I noticed, like other clarifying shampoos, is you've got to use a conditioner afterwards if you want to be able to drag a hairbrush through your hair afterwards. That's not a problem for a hair treatment addict like me.

I won't be using this on a daily basis, I don't think my scalp could handle it, but it's fab for a weekly freshen up. I'm tempted to trick my boyfriend with it, he wouldn't bother reading it to know what to expect. At that price I won't even be bothered if he decides it's his new favourite shampoo.

What quirky brands do you love? What's your favourite scent for products?

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