What's on my Kindle: Holiday Reads

Right now I'm sunning it up in the South of Spain on a family holiday (thank you scheduled posting). I love my Kindle for holidays... the rest of the year I barely find time to read. If I'm reading a book it's most likely for work and a children's book at that, so getting the chance to read what I actually want it's a total treat. I thought I'd share some of the new books that I've loaded onto my Kindle in prep for my week in the sun.

There's nothing like a bit of chic-lit while lying in the sun, sipping away at a cocktail. Lindsey Kelk is a fantastic author and her debut book I Heart New York is perfect for me reminiscing about New York and reading about the drama and excitement of someone else's life. 

As a 90s kid who loved to watch Sabrina the Teenage Witch I was quite excited to stumble upon her autobiography in the kindle store. A book about her life growing up sounded like an easy but interesting read suitable for a bit of relaxing. I'm a big fan of autobiographies and real life stories, they always seem to grab and keep my attention.

Having read and enjoyed this book in high school, then falling in love with the film in 2013, adding it to my kindle for my holiday seemed like the perfect opportunity to read it again. It's good to have a good old novel to read.

Unlike a lot of beauty books, which are packed full of photos and very little writing, you can actual read this book, as in start to finish. It's not a coffee-table book that can't hold your attention that's what makes this a good one for on holiday. I'm looking forward to all of the recommendations and advice. It's a good one for beauty bloggers.

What genre do you like for holiday reading?
Any books you've loved recently?

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