What To Expect When You Get Eyelash Extensions

I was recently given a voucher for a beauty salon and couldn't wait to treat myself. Being able to do my own gel nails I wanted to choose something that I couldn't do myself. With my holiday in mind I booked myself in for Lashes in a Flash. Being able to lie in the sun or jump in the pool without having to worry about mascara running down my face was enough to convince me to try out individual eyelash extensions for the first time.

Before I went to the salon I tinted my eyelashes using an Eylure at home kit. You can see from my before photo that I've got really light eyelashes and instead of spending an extra £14 to tint them I thought I'd do it myself. 

When I first went in the beautician commented on my fair lashes and said it would have been best to get them tinted first (little did she know I already had!) By the time the application was done she actually commented on how well the extensions blended and that in fact it hadn't mattered. I wonder if the same would have been said if I'd not made them that bit darker with my at-home dye.

The whole process only took about 30minutes. It started off with her asking what sort of length and curl I was looking for. I explained that it was for my holiday and so it wasn't anything too long or glamorous that I was looking for. You can go for something longer and fuller for a really dramatic look or something with less of a curl for something more subtle.

The next step is to put tape along the bottom of your eye. This was the weirdest part. I felt like I'd got botox or something. This was to stop any glue going where it shouldn't be and my eye getting glued shut. After that I lay with my eyes closed and she started sticking. During this time it didn't hurt - it didn't even feel all that uncomfortable. I could feel her adding individual lashes with tweezers but I was quite relaxed and unfazed. Every so often she'd prize my lids open gently just to make sure my eyes weren't glue shut. 

Before long I had about 60 lashes added to each eye and I was ready to open my eyes up for her to check there was no gaps. At this point she wasn't totally happy with my right eye so I closed it for her to add a couple of lashes. She used slightly longer lashes at the outside corners of my eyes and slightly shorter ones at the inside to help them look natural and feel comfortable. She'd done a fantastic job and she was ready to take the tape off my eyes. This is quite similar to taking plasters off and did make my eyes water ever so slightly. 

When I looked in the mirror I was delighted. For 30minutes work and £25 they looked fab. For the next 24 hours I wasn't to get them wet so no shower, no workout and no sad movies! I was told not to use oil based eye makeup remover and to just let the water gently run over my lashes in the shower. With that I was ready to go. The lashes are meant to last for 2-3 weeks but with a holiday in the sun (and waterpark) booked I was sceptical and looking forward to seeing the results.

What do you think of the results?
Would you like to see a review of the lashes 2 weeks down the line?


  1. Let me know how long they last on your holiday as I was thinking of getting these for mine, but also have a waterpark booked!
    Amy | Blonde Amy x

  2. They look great! I've always wanted to get these done. Would be great to see the results after your hols x

    Christina - xtinagsays.blogspot.co.uk