Valuelights Makeup Vanity Mirror Review

In preparation for my new house I was looking to upgrade some of my dressing table accessories. Right now I'm using a magnifying mirror from Revlon that was a bargain in a sale. Unfortunately it's bulky, the mirrors are quite small and the bulbs don't seem to last very long. Wanting something a bit more sleek for my future house I was delighted to come across this mirror on Valuelights. 

It's a free standing mirror with chrome finish which looks much more expensive than £15! As a battery operated mirror you don't need to worry about it being close to a plug or using up a vital space in an extension cable. That's a problem I've had with my Revlon one, it's basically meant I've got 3 plugs instead of 4 as it's always hogging one. No worries about that now.

The mirror is two sided - magnified and regular - which is perfect for applying makeup, dying my eyelashes and plucking my eyebrows.  It's easy to spin the mirror from magnified to the regular side but it also stays in place well too. Don't need to worry about the mirror moving when you don't want it to.

The on/off switch is on the top of the mirror, it's really discrete and easy to reach. There's 8 LED lights which are all powered by the 4 AAA batteries inside. My only bug bear about this mirror is the bulb are really small and once their under the chrome lid they're not that powerful. It just means you need a bit of daylight too to help you out. I suppose I've just been spoilt by the power of my old mirror - I could do my makeup in a pitch black room, the bulbs are that powerful. I'll just have to hope my dressing table has good light or else I might have dodgy makeup.

Overall it's fantastic value for money, really high quality and looks really good sitting on top of a dressing table. A definite upgrade! Now that I've got my light up mirror ready I've got my eyes set on a Chandelier... that's an essential for a dressing room right?

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