To The Unforgettable Memories Behind The Goodbyes...

Last Thursday marked the start of the Summer holidays and the end of my time at a school I've been working in for a year. The end of term assembly was a really emotional one, saying goodbye to the lovely children and amazing staff in a small school that I've loved. You can see from the photos just how spoilt I was, receiving lovely gifts of flowers and wine (they know me so well), along with cards full of sweet little messages. The children put a huge smile on my face when they sang a song written especially for me. To the tune of C'est La Vie they described me to a Tee. I was blown away by the generosity of the staff who bought me the biggest brightest bouquet of flowers I've ever seen and a set of Annie Haak bracelets. They'll definitely be a good luck charm as I prepare for my new teaching adventure after a much needed 6 week break.

I've just got to keep thinking... Everything happens for a reason.

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