TIGI Bed Head Rockaholic Dry Shampoo Review

Long, thick, porous hair that takes around 20 minutes to blow dry... is it any surprise I rely on dry shampoo to make my hair last 3-4 days? 
It's well known that washing your hair too often strips the natural oils and that using too much heat damages your hair so finding a good dry shampoo for in between days is something loads of people look for and I'm definitely one of them. I've tried my fair share of them from Boots or Superdrug, all around the same price but I've never ventured into the high-end brands.

The range of TIGI products is massive and I've tried and loved so many of them, it made sense to experiment with the Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo. The packaging is great. It's a big 300ml bottle with a sleek, simple design on the outside. The nozzle is really good, it's almost like a hairspray and you can control the product really easily.

The product is really light. It sounds stupid but the powder feels a lot drier than some other dry shampoos that I've used. It smells great and works quickly to remove any oil and leave your hair ready to restyle.  You definitely have to be careful to work the product in well. It's  very white, like a lot of other dry shampoos, which I actually quite like for lightening up my roots, but it does disappear well, even into darker brown hair.

I'd highly recommend this dry shampoo if you're finding your standard "drug-store" versions are weighing your hair down and just not cutting it anymore. With a High Street price of £13.50 it's well worth checking out Hairtrade.com to save yourself some money, it's like a more reliable TK Maxx for TIGI products. 

How many different dry shampoos have you tried? How often do you wash your hair?


  1. I've tried this before and I loved it, worked great, love the size of the bottle you get. It also takes sometime to get low on product, found i didn't use as much as drug-store brands.


  2. I’ve used a few dry shampoos before, however I still haven’t found my perfect one. My hair gets oily quickly so I don’t think this would give me that clean feeling more than a few hours.http://mens-reviews.com/best-hair-wax-products-for-men/