So...? NYC Body Fragrance Review

I couldn't start a New York themed review without reminiscing on my trip to New York last October. That's the thing about all of the So...? fragrances, they always remind you of something, whether it was PE in high school, a trip away with the girls or a holiday in the sun. Especially if it's a classic like So...? Kiss me.

The So...? with attitude range seems to be growing and growing. They've just brought out a whole new couture range inspired by the 4 fashion capitals - London, New York, Paris and Rio. With different notes and combinations there's sure to be a location that suits you.
With top notes of lychee, peach and violet the NYC fragrance is fruity and fresh - it's the perfect summer scent. When it comes to a day out to the beach for a picnic or by the pool on holiday you don't want to risk breaking or losing your favourite perfume. A So...? body spray is perfect for a quick freshen up and a really affordable alternative. I might not be making a return to New York this summer but I'll definitely have this body spray packed in my beach bag for my trip to Torremolinos in Spain.

What do the different So...? scents remind you of?

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