Sensationail Starter Kit Review

SensatioNail (by Nailene) is a at-home manicure brand created to give salon quality manicures without the big price tag. Using LED technology and unique gel formula SensatioNail is designed to give women a high-gloss, damage proof manicure that's easy to do and easy to remove. I'm a lover of at-home manicures because quite frankly, they seem to take just the same time as a trip to the beauticians and it costs a fraction of the price! Finding half an hour to myself just a fortnight before the end of term I put the Sensationail Starter Kit to the test. 

The starter kit is described as being everything you need for 10 complete salon quality gel nail manicures. That works out at £6.99 a manicure and a LED Lamp left over, so if the price of the starter kit seems quite steep it's actually quite good value for money when you break it down. The kit contains a little LED lamp for curing the gel nails, a primer, gel/base coat, 1 gel colour (Scarlet Red in my case) and a gel cleanser. The instructions are on the inside of the box and really easy to follow (or on a little leaflet if you decide to get rid of all packaging).

The bottles were really small but they were really neat and easy to use. The whole process took less than 30minutes and that was me taking my time to be very exact. By the end I couldn't believe how shiny my nails looked! It was a gorgeous manicure, with no waiting or smudging and no chips as soon as I finished. My nails looked fab and really did look like I'd been to a professional 

They lasted a full week without a single chip. They looked as shiny on day 9 as they did day 1 but after just over a week the nails were starting to wear away either at the tip or near the cuticle. Rather than leave them to look scruffy I bit the bullet and removed them with acetone, wrapped in tin foil. This stopped me being tempted to pick them all off and left my nails as strong and healthy as they were when I started.

The quality of this gel polish set is really impressive. Even though red isn't really my colour I'm quite looking forward to doing my nails again just to have the fuss free perfect manicure again. I think it's time I start spending my Boots Points and topping up my Sensationail colour selection... Coral Sunset and Taupe Tulips look right up my street. 

What's the most you've ever paid to get your nails done? What's your favourite colour for a gel manicure?

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