SASS Intimate Shave Gel Review

Getting bikini ready isn't just all about diet and fitness . In the days leading up to wearing that skimpy bikini or swimsuit you've got to think about the dreaded hair removal. I'll be honest when it comes to shaving my legs I just use a dollop of conditioner and when it comes to other in-shower feminine products I don't really buy any. You see them on the TV and there's always some stupid name that bumps up the embarrassment factor but thankfully SASS has that all thought out...

The brand SASS has a whole range of intimate care products that are discrete and look like any old skin care products but are actually designed with health and the intimate area in mind. So no more stealing your partner's shaving gel or using shower gel with ph levels that aren't good for you. This intimate shaving gel is exactly the product that's needed for bikini body hair removal.

The gel doesn't foam up, which put me off the first time. I was expecting a lather like most other shaving gels. I suppose that's why this isn't like any other gel. It's really thick and rich, it's clear and has quite a pleasant scent. It's got Salicylic Acid and Fruit Enzymes which help to exfoliate and protect against ingrown hairs. There's also aloe and orange extract in the list of ingredients to help calm and soothe the skin during and after shaving. It's so soft and smooth I've ended up using it under my arms too!

Dermatologically tested and gynaecologist approved, suitable during pregnancy and menstruation - it's worth the price tag for the discrete packaging, no embarrassing conversations and a health conscious hair removal solution. 

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