Quick Guide to Laser Hair Removal

Every woman has her beauty routine. It might involve applying a full face of makeup or just putting their hair into a ponytail. Whatever it is you choose to do, there are always some things that annoy you. You might be happy with the result. But that doesn't mean you always want to put up with the method for getting there. One of the things that I get fed up with is hair removal. Having smooth legs or keeping your bikini line neat is essential for a lot of women. But shaving, waxing and other methods are not fun. Laser hair removal is an alternative that some people consider. Yet not everyone knows much about it. I've got a short guide to help you decide if it's for you...*

What Is Laser Hair Removal?
Laser hair removal is what it sounds like. The method uses laser technology to remove hair from your face or body. It targets the hair follicle to achieve results. Other methods cut the hair or remove it at the root, so eventually it will grow back. The word "laser" might sound frightening. However,  it's not something from an evil villain's lair. It's just a beam of light at a particular wavelength. It targets the melanin in your hair follicles. The method is often seen as superior to other types of hair removal because it lasts longer. Although it's not seen as entirely permanent, it's much more so than other methods.

Who Can Have Laser Hair Removal?
When it comes to laser hair removal, the process works better if your hair is darker than your skin. Melanin is what gives our skin and hair its colour. So if their shades are too similar, some lasers can get confused. You might think that it's not suitable for darker skin. But there is laser technology available for all skin types and colours. It's possible to have laser hair removal for Asian skin, black skin and other skin types if you use the correct laser. You can even have it if you have sensitive skin or you want to do an especially sensitive area.

Does It Hurt?
The main thing a lot of women want to know is whether laser hair removal hurts. If you wax, you're probably used to some pain. But "laser" sounds extremely painful! Most people say that it feels uncomfortable. But wouldn't necessarily describe the sensation as pain. Some clinics say that their methods are pain-free, but it's different for everyone. However, you certainly won't be screaming in agony!

How Many Sessions Do I Need?
It would be great if you could have one laser hair removal appointment and then be done. But you usually need to have a few to have the desired effect. It's usually at least three, and sometimes up to six or seven. As for how long each session takes, it will depend on the area you want to have treated.

Laser hair removal is more expensive than going for your regular wax, but you could save money in the long-term. Plus, it means no more waxing, shaving or epilating for a long time.

What do you think? Is hair removal that big of a problem for you?

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