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Mid-July Empties

In prep for my holidays (sorting through products, tidying up and packing) I came across my little stash of empties and because I'm on holiday for the end of July I thought I'd just share them now. I don't think I'll be using up very many products on my holidays as they're all new and most likely won't be on the plane back home with me if they're close to being done. Does anyone else do that? Saving space and weight for shopping.

This body was smells amazing. There's not much you can say about a shower gel by I will 100% be using this again. The sweet lime fragrance is one of Soap and Glory's best. Using the pump on the big bottle is a big of a nuisance but at the price it's really good value. 

St Tropez Perfect Legs Spray
I love this fake tan for the days that you can get away without wearing tights but you had no time to prepare. Normally my legs are so pale they're almost blue. This spray is quick and easy to use, doesn't make my legs orange and stays in place for the day. 

I'm sure you've heard the buzz about this Lidl perfume before? It's a dupe for Chanel and costs less than £5. For that very reason it's quite often my day-to-day perfume and it gets used up quickly. It's a lovely scent and I'll definitely be buying it again.

I reviewed this facial cleanser earlier in the year and out of the set this was the one I used most consistently. It was really gentle and the perfect exfoliator to use in the shower (hence the horrible rusty marks). It's quite expensive to buy on it's own but I'd maybe buy the set again. 

They're Real is one of my favourite mascara so I was a bit gutted when this one ran out. I don't often use up a full mascara but I seemed to use every last drop of this. I've raved about it in a review before so won't say much more. I won't be buying this straight away as I've already got back ups - always prepared.

What products have you been using up?

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