'Less Is More' Makeup*

I review a lot of makeup products on my blog, but every now and again I get a total makeup overload. When it happens, I'll often seek out a more natural look. It's all about 'less is more' for me a lot of the time - especially as I'm so busy these days. So, if you want to achieve a fresh, natural appearance but still highlight your favourite features then read on.

As with any makeup application, you'll need to make sure your skin is clean and clear from any previous makeup. For a perfect cleanse, you'll need to know what sort of skin you have. There's an excellent guide to skin type over at Paula's Choice.
If you want to go the whole hog with a natural look, you might want to skip your foundation application. I use a tinted moisturiser that will help me even my skin tone out and gives some protection from the sun. However, if you have any skin problems, you might feel more confident covering up a little more.  So use an unscented moisturiser and stick to your foundation. Oily skin may need a foundation powder to help dry things out.
A concealer is an excellent tool for hiding blemishes around your eyes. But go easy with it. Too thick and it could destroy the look you are going for, so keep things very basic and light.
Again, it's important to go easy with your bronzer. The idea is to use just enough that it gives your skin a slight glow, but not enough to give you a fake tan. It can be a problem for those with pale and fair skin. Of course, if you can get away with it and still feel confident, it is best not to use any at all!
If you have to use blush, try to use one that only just offsets your skin tone. Don't use it with bronzer, use it only as a substitute. Use creme rather than powder - not only does it last longer, but it also has a more natural effect.
OK, so here’s my golden rule for natural-looking eyes. Do not, under any circumstances, go for permanent eyebrows! I have seen plenty that have gone wrong - and a few that look great. But the risk is just too high, and they don’t seem natural. Also, avoid plucking, as they will grow back quickly, and that totally defeats the natural look. Think about hair removal product instead if you need to - here’s a great guide on what to expect. In terms of makeup, go easy. Smudge on a little eyeliner - a pencil is less natural-looking than gel or liquid.  Add some white liner or shadow in the corners to make your eyes look bigger. Finally, blend in a small amount of neutral-coloured eyeshadow from your lids to your brow.

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