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Fitness Tips That Make it (Nearly) Impossible to Fail

When you start your fitness journey, you don’t want failure to be an option. The only person standing in the way of success is you, so make sure you use these tips that make it (nearly) impossible to fail*...
Start Off Small
By starting off small and building yourself up rather than overwhelming yourself, you give yourself time to get used to your new lifestyle. People who go from exercising 0 times per week to 6 times a week will be in for a big shock and likely give up after a short while. Starting off small is the best way to get those results you’re after.

Find Exercise You Enjoy
You must find an exercise you enjoy. If you don’t enjoy it, you’re doing it wrong. Why do hours of cardio if you’re not enjoying it? Why take that spin class if you hate it? Exercise shouldn’t be looked at as a chore. It should be fun, a reward for your body! I find that monitoring my progress and aiming to improve helps anything seem more fun, as it’s more like a challenge. Try different forms of exercise and mix up your routines consistently so the novelty doesn’t wear off. Make sure you wear suitable fitness clothes from sites like too. Nice clothes always help me to enjoy exercise more!

Make Your Favourite Foods the Healthy Way
Make a list of your favourite foods and then find out how you can make more healthy versions. You can make healthy burgers, healthy milkshakes, and even healthy desserts! Everything you can think of can be made with fresh, raw, clean ingredients with lots of nutritional value. You can have your cake and eat it!

Vow to Enjoy the Journey
Make sure you enjoy the journey. Just take your time and enjoy what you're doing here and now. Don’t be the kind of person who thinks, ‘I’ll be happy when...’. Those people are never happy. Instead, have fun with it now and when you reach your goals it’ll be the cherry on top of a big protein cake!

Document Your Journey
By documenting your journey, you can feel proud when you look back on how far you’ve come. Write a diary, monitor your shape with pictures, and document your food intake. Write down how you feel. You’ll have good days and bad days. Just make sure the good days outweigh the bad days and you should have 99% good days until you’re an unstoppable force!

Follow Other Enthusiasts
By following other enthusiasts on social media, you’ll be able to chat and swap valuable tips. You’ll see motivational pictures too which will help to keep you going!

Don’t Let Setbacks Ruin Your Progress
We all experience setbacks, just don’t let them ruin your progress. No journey is a straight road, so remember that. When you start to believe that you can do this, and even that you’re where you want to be before you get there, you’ll achieve things you never thought possible.

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