6 Makeup Tips Every Girl Should Know*

Do you love makeup? If you spend a great deal of your free time creating the perfect look, there are some simple tips you should know. It is easy to make sure that you always look picture perfect no matter what. Once you know the secret to looking fantastic all the time, nothing will every hold you back again. Let's take a look at six tips every girl should know*...

Get rid of blemishes in an instant
If you suffer from occasional breakouts and spots, you need to do something about them. Changing your diet can help. If you tend to eat loads of high-fat food, you might notice that your skin suffers. Aside from that, you could also try getting an anti-blemish solution. I have found that applying a formula like this one is the easiest way to keep my skin clean and clear.

Invest in quality makeup brands
When you choose your makeup, what do you consider? Do you choose the cheapest brand or one on offer? When you think about it, you wear your makeup every single day. That is why it's worth investing in some professional brands. You might want to look out for brands like RCMA for pros. These makeup products are high-end, which means that they will make your face look incredible. When choosing your products, you should, of course, consider your budget. Get high-quality brands that you can afford.

Always clean your makeup brushes
If you don't clean your makeup brushes on a regular basis, you could have a problem. These brushes attract a whole lot of grease and bacteria. The last thing you want is to put that stuff all over your face each morning. Instead, you need to make sure that you clean your brushes whenever you can. Some soap and cool water should do the trick. Leave your brush to dry on a paper towel for a few hours for the best possible results.

Apply cream before your makeup
If you don't moisten your skin before you apply your makeup, it will never look as good as it could. When you apply your foundation to dry skin, it makes it look flaky. You should find the best cream for your face. That way, you will find that your skin glows when you put your makeup on it. If you want to make sure that you always look fantastic, this tip is a must.

Update your look every so often
When was the last time you changed your makeup style? If you have not updated your look in quite some time, now might be the best time to do so. Some people get too comfortable when it comes to putting their makeup on each day. They always use the same techniques, and so they always look the same. Take a look at some new makeup tricks online and see what you can find.

Warm up your mascara before you use it
If your mascara is drying out, there is only one thing to do. Before you apply it, warm up the tube a little. You can rub the tube between your fingers. It also helps if you shake the tube a little before you use it as well. That way, you will find that your mascara lasts longer than it otherwise would. That way, you don't have to buy a new mascara right away!

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  1. Love these tips, I agree with investing in high end, I'm starting to try and buy MAC prosucts but less of it which I hope will help control my makeup hoarding and never using products.
    Great post!
    Amy @ Blonde Amy x