Skiing Trip Essentials: Your Guide To Everything You Will Need

I have always fancied giving skiing a try, but until now have never had the opportunity. Luckily for me, this year a few of my friends fancied taking a group trip, and we ended up agreeing on skiing. 

Of course, while I am incredibly excited - words can’t even explain how excited I am, I am also a little nervous. As I have never skied before, and most of my friends have, I am a little worried I won’t be able to keep up. However, I have been taking a few skiing lessons at my local dry ski slope, so hopefully, I won’t be too hopeless (fingers crossed). Anyway, what I thought I would do in preparation for my trip, was create a guide to all the skiing essentials. However, creating a skiing checklist isn’t the easiest of tasks - especially, a fashionable list.
After lots of research and much deliberation, I have finally come up with a list that I think, is ideal. So here it is, my skiing checklist*:

Choosing what clothes I would need for my trip was the hardest part, as I always want to take everything. But nevertheless, I managed to trim the list down.
I would recommend taking a few warm tops - not too heavy as they need to be layered, but thick enough to keep you warm. Long sleeved tops and woolen jumpers are a must; choose stylish designs you can wear anywhere. Tribal and Aztec prints are ideal as they are in this season and can be worn once you are back home, after your trip.
While a pair of jeans is, of course, a must, only pack a couple of pairs. Jeans alone won’t keep your legs warm, but paired with thermal leggings, they should do the job well. You can also pop your thermal leggings and jeans on under your ski suit to keep your legs toasty while on the slopes. Don’t just pack one pair of thermal leggings, it’s probably a good idea to pack a couple, just in case they get wet or smelly.
If you plan on eating out or hitting a few bars while you are away, don’t forget to pack a few ‘nice’ tops or dresses. You want to opt for stylish knitted tops and dresses that work well with thick knitted tights, thermal leggings or jeans.
If you are staying in five-star accommodation, and will be living in luxury in Meribel or Livigno, make sure to check the dress code. Does the hotel restaurant or bar have a certain dress code? It’s always best to check these things before you go.  

Surprisingly, the shoes you should pack for a skiing trip are pretty straight forward. All you need are a pair of warm skiing boots, as well as ankle boots and pretty flats for wearing out to dinner and around your hotel or lodge.

Other bits and bobs
As well as packing all the right clothes and shoes, there are also some other bits and bobs you don’t want to forget. For starters, a woolen hat, scarf and a couple of pairs of waterproof gloves are a must. Sunglasses are also a must, as is a pair of headphones, and, of course, your IPad or tablet.
With the harsh weather conditions, your skin will suffer, so make sure to pack a good moisturiser and chapstick. Don’t forget to also pack any other beauty items you might need - shampoo, conditioner, face wipes, makeup, etc.

Have you been skiing? What's your ideal type of holiday?

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