Nailbox Review

There's so many different beauty box subscriptions available but Nailbox is the first one I've come across that won't leave you with a bundle of sample products that aren't suited to your skin type or tone. 
Nailbox is a brand new subscription box that's packed full of different nail products every month. Each nailbox contains 5 nail products including full sized nail varnishes, treatments or tools. It's the perfect way of updating your nail polish collection with big brands for every occasion, at knocked down prices. The most recent mailbox contained brands including Orly, Rimmel, OPI, Essie and Elegant Touch - some of the best brands in the nail industry.

Orly Fiery Orange, Rimmel Lucky Lilac, Nicole by OPI Modern Family Alex by the Books, Essie Status Symbol.

When you've already got a selection of nail polishes it's obviously a worry that you'd just end up with doubles but Nailbox never sends out any colour twice and I was really impressed by these 4. This was my first experience of Orly and the Nicole by OPI polishes. Surprisingly it's also my first Essie polish so this month's box was perfect for me! The tool included in the box was a cuticle pusher and nail cleaner which, being Elegant Touch, it's really high quality especially compared the the freebie ones I've been using before. I have to say, I felt a bit like a kid in a candy shop with the selection in this box.

There's a few different sign up options. A one off box is £15 but a 3 month subscription is £43.50, 6 months is £84 and a year's subscription is £162. So the more you buy the cheaper each box works out as. Quite good value when the total cost of the products inside would come to about £35. The different options are great depending on what you can afford. It's nice to know you don't have to be tied down to a monthly subscription or perhaps buying a few months as a gift would suit some ladies? Whichever is best for you, you'll have to be quick, these are selling out fast!

The box was really well packaged, plenty of protection for the bottles and a bit of excitement upon seeing the Nailbox logo along the side. One of the only downsides of the box is it doesn't fit through the letterbox. I'd love if they changed the design slightly making it longer and narrower so you don't have to worry about the dreaded Red Royal Mail slip. 

With June's box (containing a top coat, 3 nail polishes and a tool) ready to ship soon... how many of you are tempted to sign up?

Have you got (or cancelled) any beauty box subscriptions since the hype began back in 2011?

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